We had seen much that was obscene at Gallipoli, the Somme and Passchendaele, but nothing shameful.  Would the war have been less shameful if we had lost it, if the British Fleet had steamed over to Heligoland to surrender or scuttle, if the people under British rule had been handed over to the gentle Germans? How I dislike these anaemic belittlers of our past! 

The thing the Allies are really fighting against is a spirit, a tradition, a creed. That spirit and that creed have always directed the policy of Prussia. They now direct the policy of Germany. In so far as the Emperor represents them we are at war with the Emperor. In so far as the governing class of Prussia represents them we are at war with the governing class of Prussia. In so far as the German peoples accept them and are prepared to fight for them we are at war with the German peoples.

In a word this war is at bottom a religious war.



AP Herbert

Cecil Chesterton

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