Paperback, 554 pages. £24.99

Noble Savages is a new book by acclaimed author James Wilson.

It narrates the experiences of almost a hundred famous members of one of London's gentleman's clubs during the First World War. They were men who in later life would excel in such diverse occupations as authors, actors, scientists and lawyers. All played their part as young men in the most bloody conflict in British history. 

The story of the Savage Club from 1914–1918 and its present and future members is almost the entire story of Britain’s part in the First World War. Savages held ranks across all branches and nearly every level of the British armed forces. They served as generals, admirals, staff officers, foot soldiers, pilots, surgeons, camouflage officers, spies, journalists, propagandists and scientific experts. They fought on the Western Front, Gallipoli, North Africa, the Austro-Italian border, the North Sea and in the Allied intervention in the Russian Civil War. Some were held as prisoners of war. And some never came home.

Noble Savages is the history of that remarkable generation of men of duty, who were bound together not by social strata or military rank, but by the shared membership of a bohemian London club.

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